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Tony Stowell was born in Surrey, and educated at Caterham School. After being commissioned in the RAF, he graduated from Cambridge with an MA in History, to which he later added an MSc from Oxford in Educational Planning and Administration. He retired early from the world of education, and he and his wife Rosalind have been involved in local affairs in the Cotswold town where he now lives, being Mayor for 2001-2003, and acting as an advice worker for the Citizens Advice Bureau.

He has three children and six grandchildren.

He is Chairman of the Cotswold Writers Circle. He has written three full length novels: Crackscam and The Woolsack Conspiracy are both action thrillers, and one much more serious book about education, A Little Learning. He also writes poems, many of which have been published locally. His poetry has been read on Poetry Please on Radio 4.

He is a practised public speaker, and has appeared on local television and radio.


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I have spent much of my life writing.

I’m told that I started at about the age of three when I wrote my name on the dining room table, with a fork, while waiting for pudding. I believe I created a deep impression, but did not attract great critical acclaim.

 I have been with the Cotswold Writers Circle for many years and we try to develop in a variety of genres. Some of my poems have been published locally and in various Poetry Competitions, but I decided to write a serious paperback about education called A Little Learning and then an action thriller – The Woolsack Conspiracy. Both these were published by Authors On Line, the pioneer Print-on-Demand company.

This year my second action thriller – Crackscam – was accepted for conventional publishing by North Staffordshire Press. Details of all of these are on later pages, and are available from bookshops or Amazon. They are available in digital format.


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I like poetry, and its different forms.

 In my Poetry section, I will put up a new original poem every second MONDAY illustrating different forms of verse.

I strive to make all my writing to be tightly plotted, to have some point, and to make an engaging read. I hope you will agree.


           Northstaffordshire Press Ltd.


I must be getting older!

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DONE Sending...

Jonathan Frater | Reply 24.11.2017 13.00

Great to see that all is going well. Best wishes. Jonathan

Jo | Reply 21.01.2014 00.30

Happy New Year Tony!
I just sent 'Trouble in the Channel' to Dan, he is about old enough now to enjoy it.
Cheers Jo

Jo | Reply 30.08.2013 23.08

Hi Tony, found time to read your latest now the kids have gone home - great. I am glad that my Dad, a headmaster, retired before the bureaucrats took over. Jo

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17.10 | 12:35

It seems really great and informative stuff to me which I will share with my dad after my Hope he will like this

06.12 | 09:35

One of your very best Tony! Hope you are both well. Christmas wishes now and to come with news when we get organised.xx

24.11 | 13:00

Great to see that all is going well. Best wishes. Jonathan

04.07 | 14:06

Hey, my next door neighbour's a poet..
...and I didn't know it!

Well done Tony, I shall peruse with interest.

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