A Fast-moving Action Thriller 

Press Release 2012

 Launched at this year’s London Book Fair, Tony Stowell replaces his Mayoral collar for a pen and uncovers a drugs racket that gives one young Production Engineer more than just a bad day at the office.


To the Gloucestershire public, Tony Stowell is an admirable pillar of the community. As a former Mayor of Tetbury and Citizens Advice Bureau worker, few would be able to guess that behind closed doors Tony has been crafting some of the finest fiction the county has ever produced.

In fact, his most recent release has been launched to critical acclaim. ‘Crackscam’ was launched earlier this year at the London Book Fair, instantly garnering the attention of the media. Praised for its faced-paced action and intricate plot, Crackscam has garnered rave reviews in its first months of publication.


Crackscam is a fast-paced Action Thriller set in an authentic background in which ordinary people become unwillingly caught up in the harsh and merciless world of illegal drug dealing.

The action takes place over four days and is seen through the eyes of a young Production Engineer, Oliver Howsen, who finds out from a young accountant auditing the firm’s books that there is a major financial irregularity.

They are propelled into a ruthless world of illicit drugs to the final dramatic conclusion.

It is a journey of menace, anxiety and ingenuity – with a touch of humour and romance – as two young people struggle to outwit the forces or organised crime.”

 As the author explains, writing is a bigger part of his life than most are aware of.

“I am Chairman of the Cotswold Writers’ Circle and I have a real passion for writing both poetry and prose,” says Tony, who has also published another thriller as well as a book about education.

He continues, “Crackscam takes things to the next level. It’s an action-packed thriller that takes a seemingly normal man and thrusts him into a world that most of us, hopefully, will never get to experience.”

When asked if his previous duties as Mayor had any bearing on the book’s plot, Tony was quick to respond.

“Well, as Mayor you do get to see and hear about everything. I wouldn’t say it directly contributed to the book’s plot, but my time as Mayor of Tetbury regularly influences other areas of my work,” he adds.

Since its release the book has garnered a consistent string of rave reviews.

This is a perfect book for holiday reading. The plot is clever and original with sympathetic, believable and well-drawn characters. I do not know how rife drug dealing is in the Cotswolds but the author makes a convincing case with fascinating detail regarding money laundering,” says Jo, reviewing the book for Amazon.

Another reader, S. Shove, was equally as impressed, writing, "This is a good fast paced thriller that has plenty of twists and turns and red herrings to keep the reader guessing without being overly confusing or complicated. The characters are well written and the storyline engrossing."

‘Crackscam’, published by North Staffordshire Press, is on Waterstones main list, or through Amazon, where it is also available as a digital download. It can be ordered through any normal bookshop. 

ISBN 0-9568-1985-7

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Steve | Reply 15.04.2013 17.20

Living in the Cotswolds as I do, this book makes a fascinating read. Fast paced and based in real locations gives it authenticity. I didn't want to put it down

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17.10 | 12:35

It seems really great and informative stuff to me which I will share with my dad after my Hope he will like this

06.12 | 09:35

One of your very best Tony! Hope you are both well. Christmas wishes now and to come with news when we get organised.xx

24.11 | 13:00

Great to see that all is going well. Best wishes. Jonathan

04.07 | 14:06

Hey, my next door neighbour's a poet..
...and I didn't know it!

Well done Tony, I shall peruse with interest.

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