The Dumbf Files

This file will follow the career of an imaginary middle-aged immigrant who has just been promoted to a position above his ability. His original family name (Germanic) was Drumpf, but it got changed in translation. It might have been written Dum bf, but I leave that to you.

I will hope to make an addition each week so you may follow his career with interest.

Some people think the world of him. He does.


A fellow called Dumbf shouted, "Damn!

Will noone respect who I am?

My revenge will be bitter-

I'll slay them on Twitter".

Then he threw his toys out of his pram.




Dumbf's buildings were flashy and copious

About which he was most braggadocious

Though it's not for his plans

But the use of his hands

That his usual nickname is Gropius.


When Dumbf found himself voted in

He said,"I just knew I could win,

Though the votes that she got

Outstripped mine by a lot,

I had the advantage of Putin."


So; it seems USA have installed a man to a position well above his capacity, well above his boasting, and with no moral compass to guide him. How does it appear to you? Sad.


Commiserations, USA,

You've now installed a man

With the moral code of Nero

And the tact of Ghengis Kahn.


God Bless America, he says

With triumph in his eyes;

Deception in that triumph lies, 

And lies and lies and lies.


God has not blessed America

So let us rather pray

For all of you who wish her well -

God Help the USA.



Dumbf said, "It's as plain as could be

For even the dumbest to see,

Slander properly goes 

To embarass my foes -

But it's fake news when said about me." 



Dumbf said that a record big crowd

Had made him authentic and proud

Though film facts and TV

Showed crowds sparse as could be

To say so could not be allowed.


When Dumbf braggadocious said,"Hell,

They think that I'm stupid as well."

Quite so. it is fitter

When blitzing on twitter,

At least you could learn how to spell.


Said Dumbf," Normal ways won't avail. A

Different regime must prevail. A

Cure for this crisis

In dealing with ISIS 

Is to take notes from Vlad the Impaler."



Dumbf’s grasp of the truth may be woolly

But let’s hope that he’ll understand fully

That he gains no respect

If he acts, in effect,

As a blowhard, a braggart and bully.



Dumbf said, “I have found a solution

With my reckless and rash resolution;

I can only bear grudges

At federal judges

Who uphold our true constitution”.


Brash Dumbf became visibly mad

When he found all the best judges had

Not taken long

To declare he was wrong.

Poor Diddums. Sore loser. How sad!


Poor Dumbf's credibility snapped

When his dealings with Russia were zapped.

He thought, "I'm the person

To create a diversion -

I'll tweet that my phone has been tapped".


Dumbf said, "All my tweeting to you

May contain a small falsehood or two: 

But a lie or a bluff

If said often enough -

Even I end up thinking they're true".

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17.10 | 12:35

It seems really great and informative stuff to me which I will share with my dad after my Hope he will like this

06.12 | 09:35

One of your very best Tony! Hope you are both well. Christmas wishes now and to come with news when we get organised.xx

24.11 | 13:00

Great to see that all is going well. Best wishes. Jonathan

04.07 | 14:06

Hey, my next door neighbour's a poet..
...and I didn't know it!

Well done Tony, I shall peruse with interest.

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